Cloud computing



Cloud computing

101 Digital Solutions is at the forefront of technology and, with cloud based solutions rapidly becoming popular for many organisations and businesses, we have created our own cloud based solution.

Since our cloud environment has been built and maintained by ourselves it means that, not only will you be getting a robust cloud solution, but we can build and customise it how you want.

Cloud virtual desktops

Cloud hosted desktops are an efficient way of running single and multiple offices. Our virtual desktop solutions include all maintenance, support, backup and the latest version of Microsoft Office as standard.

  • Reliable data storage, without the need of local servers
  • Faster access to your business information
  • Share information with colleagues and access from anywhere

Cloud virtual servers

Don’t need a full hosted desktop but maybe want to host your Sharepoint, CRM or even SQL server? Then a cloud server is what you need. We can offer any spec of server you wish from 1 CPU and 1GB RAM up to 14 CPU’s and 62GB RAM, all with a 1 hour disaster recovery SLA.


  • Highly scalable resources
  • Low cost licenced Microsoft software
  • Low disaster recovery times

For more information on our cloud computing and services please contact us on 01226 777525 or by email at

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