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IT support is as much for people as for the business

IT support is not just about supporting your technology; it’s essentially about supporting people and their businesses. At 101 Digital Solutions you will not find advisor’s who talk down to you in technical language that is beyond your grasp. We believe in providing real time solutions to your problems. And our advisor’s are friendly people who will make every effort to fix your problem in the shortest time possible, while explaining the situation to you in your terms. We don’t want to be preachy and nerdy. 101 Digital Solutions believes in connecting to the real people in the business, and supporting them.

We realize that every business has its own set of IT needs, which may or may not conform to established models. That is why 101 Digital Solutions gives you the freedom to set up an IT support model based on your specific needs. And trust us; customization does not cost a bomb. Call us or visit, whichever you’d prefer, and we’ll show you what IT support we can provide for your business.

So what are the IT support services we give you? Take a look.

Crisis management

System failures, virus infestation, and back up failure – we can handle it all. From computer repair to data recovery, from emergency backup to virus and malware removal, (name) does everything. Ours is an experienced team that deals with emergencies every day and we’ll have your system working fine in no time at all.

Product and cloud end-user support

We’re continuously updating our knowledge of software and then helping the users with it. For clients and end-users of your cloud, we provide support either as you, or not, depending on your choice. Your customers’ queries and support needs are treated as our own.

Temporary back up

If your in-house IT people are unavailable for a certain period of time, and you need temporary back-up, (name) will always be there to give you IT support.

Multi office support

The more offices or organizations you have as part of the agreement, the greater discount you get. Plus the first office gets a straight discount.


We also provide

  • Out sourced help desk
  • White label support

For 101 Digital Solutions it is important that you get the best of IT support. Yes, we deal in technology, but we are here to support the actual people using this technology for their business, and its manifold growth.

Please visit the sub sections of our website for more information on our full range of IT Services.

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